Eric Roner Jumps Shane McConkey’s Snowmobile off 800-Foot Cliff

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skip to 3:40 for the snowmobile jump

This snowmobile B.A.S.E. stunt is interesting in that in hasn’t been done before… as far as we know.  It’s impressive to watch how long Eric is able to stay on the snowmobile in the air.  It kicks way back on him, he’s able to hit the throttle, get the nose back down, hang on for a while before he finally lets go and flies away.

Any tribute to Shane is a good one, but this certainly has some flair.  Great jump, Eric.  And as always, thanks Shane.

Snowmo BASE jump...
Snowmo BASE jump…

“Professional skier Shane McConkey pushed the limits of possibility in big mountain terrain. As a friend and mentor to Erik Roner, his 2009 passing was a huge loss. Erik decided it was time to honor his friend by disposing of Shane’s snowmobile in the only way that made sense-by BASE jumping it off an 800-foot cliff! With former pro snowboarder Jim Rippey in tow to help with the stunt logistics, Erik hits the road to Fernie, British Columbia and a massive cliff face. Watch as Roner pulls the throttle and pushes his own limits for Shane! “ – Roner Vision

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