Disgruntled Estes Park, CO Resident Leaving Angry Notes on Tourist’s Vehicles

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Estes Park, colorado
Exhibit A… somebody’s not happy!

As travel restrictions across the country are relaxed, tourists are starting to visit popular attractions and parks again, which is great news for local businesses and the economy. But not everybody is happy about it. See exhibit A above as an example…

A resident, or residents, of Estes Park, is clearly not ready to welcome tourists back to their small vacation town high in the Colorado Rockies.


– read notes left on cars in Estes Park

It is not a view shared by everybody in the town, some business owners are compensating shocked tourists. The owners of Elkins Distilling Company will give you a free beer if you’ve have had one of these notes left on your car.

“Our economy relies heavily on people coming to visit us and stay and spend money here in town.”

– McShan Walker, a co-owner of the distillery

Estes Park, colorado
The beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park. Credit: Peter Pryharski | Unsplash

The town’s police also came out against the notes and are searching for the culprit, saying their actions could lead to charges for tampering with private property and littering.

“Last weekend a very unkind, mass-produced note was placed on numerous vehicles with out-of-state plates in the Estes Valley. We’re looking for the individual(s) who did this, because we’d like to remind them that tampering with private property and littering could lead to charges in Municipal Court.”

– Police Statement

Estes Park is a statutory town in Larimer County, Colorado, United States. A popular summer resort and the location of the headquarters for Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park lies along the Big Thompson River. Estes Park had a population of 5,858 at the 2010 census. Landmarks include The Stanley Hotel (Stephen King’s inspiration for The Overlook in his horror novel The Shining) and The Baldpate Inn. The town overlooks Lake Estes and Olympus Dam.

Larimer County, CO has had 600 confirmed coronavirus cases and 29 deaths.

Estes Park, colorado
Estes Park, CO

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15 thoughts on “Disgruntled Estes Park, CO Resident Leaving Angry Notes on Tourist’s Vehicles

  1. Yes, rich baby boomer. I’m sure you’re student loans are paid off and your kids are probably through college. So now you live in beautiful Estes Park in a million dollar plus house collecting social security and complain bc hard working young people want the economy to come back. Give us under 40 your social security and pay for our kids college and maybe it won’t be so important for us to get things running again . Your generation is the most selfish of all time!

  2. Poor Colorado. Ever since the marijuana laws past the state has slowly been going down the drain. Liberal infested and slowly turning into California. Over priced real estate, pan handling, theft, robbery are all things I witnessed a few years ago and it’s getting worse. Take the old timers request and go to a real state that hasnt submitted to masks and shutdowns for political reasons. Theres a few good ones left.

  3. We are in CO. Out of state tags because we are military TDY. Some broke our windshield and left notes top go leave.

    1. It really is amazing that this person who wrote the note and is placing it on the vehicles of tourists, can breathe and walk at the same time. How they made it to the ripe old age of retirement is beyond comprehension. When you move to a tourist trap….guess what you’re going to have Sherlock…..TOURISTS!!! If you don’t like it, stay home or move somewhere where there aren’t tourists….say…the Arctic Circle!

  4. Wow
    Retired and Selfish
    Scared of a virus?
    Stay inside but dont tell others how to live

  5. Get over yourself
    I’ve lived here my entire life 60 years, as far as I’m concerned you are a tourist
    Follow the guidelines, be as safe as you can, life has to resume

  6. “We retired and moved from out of town/state to one of the busiest tourist towns in Colorado at the entrance to the 3rd busiest National Park in the country and we are just SHOCKED that there are tourists! This is NOT what we signed up for!”

    1. Yes, no offense, but it is what you signed up for. I lived there for 4 years and it’s hellish in the summer. Tourists do what they want, when they want.

  7. Tahoe is the same , no social distancing during the state wide lock down every second homeowner on the planet and Tahoe came up here and acted like it was no pandemic and then complained that the true locals were mad at people roaming around like there was no pandemic selfish assholes and still No visitors wear masks at all and get all up in your shit with no social distancing I hate frickin selfish tourists

    1. Locals aren’t wearing masks in Tahoe either. It’s 50/50 at best. Some businesses require them and the ones that don’t it’s almost like a social stigma if you are wearing one.

      If you don’t like tourists, you are living in the wrong town. There are plenty of places to live where there are none, but Tahoe isn’t it.

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