[EXCLUSIVE] Limited-Edition SnowBrains x Glade Adapt Goggles – Only 100 Pairs Available

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SnowBrains Glade Goggle 2021/22

The limited-edition SnowBrains x Glade Adapt goggles: the perfect gift for skiers and snowboarders this holiday season.

Based out of Breckenridge, Colo., Glade makes the best goggles on the market for half the price. While competitors are stuck with legacy manufacturing processes and outdated distribution models, Glade is not.

Buy the limited-edition SnowBrains x Glade Adapt goggles HERE before they’re all gone!

SnowBrains Glade Goggle 2021/22. Credit: SnowBrains

The SnowBrains x Glade limited-edition Adapt goggle was built to be your go-to goggle in any weather conditions. Blizzards. Sunshine. You name it—these goggles will handle it. This is Glade’s award-winning, industry shifting, never-change-lenses-again one goggle quiver. It has quickly become their most popular model, and for good reason. The Adapt’s photochromic lens technology changes tint as the conditions change, so you’re covered in everything from bluebird to whiteout.

We tested these goggles earlier this week in the Big Cottonwood Canyon, UT backcountry and were stoked with how they performed. The day started off warm and sunny and the goggles held up well, providing relief from the mountain brightness as we charged down Utah’s infamous Wolverine Cirque. We immediately noticed how they fit comfortably and have a wide range of vision. Later in the day clouds rolled in, bringing with them a dark, gloomy overcast sky, winds, and colder temperatures—a complete change in conditions. But these goggles still held their own. The lens adapted well, performing remarkably in the low light conditions, inspiring confidence, and remaining solid despite the sudden change in weather and lighting.

It’s nice to have a pair of goggles that can do it all. 

Product testing in Wolverine Cirque, UT. | Credit: SnowBrains


One Lens. All Day.

  • Our photochromic lens adapts to the current light conditions so you can leave that spare lens at home.

Crystal clear clarity.

  • Ultra-wide angle, dual-layer PC lens made in Italy.

Full UV Protection.

  • UV400+ for 100% UV protection because eyes are kind of important.

We’re anti-fog.

  • UltraClear anti-fog ventilation system circulates air to keep your vision clear.
SnowBrains x Glade Adapt goggles
Credit: Glade

Ultimate comfort, all day long.

  • Triple-layer composite foam and fleece interior for a cozy, sweat-free feel.

Built to flex. Built to last.

  • MaxComfort flexible TPU (sorry for the tech term) frame designed for ultimate comfort and sustainability through durability.

Dialed fit. Yard sale tested.

  • Detachable and dual-adjustable 3D woven strap with anti-slip silicone ensures your optimal fit is easy to find and keep in place.

Dirt and oils won’t ruin the day.

  • Hydro-oleophobic lens treatment (read: doesn’t like water or oil) keeps the lens fog, smudge, and debris free.

Fits with your helmet.

  • You’ll find a perfect fit with ours, but we’ve found these work well with most of the popular helmets out there.

Wait there’s more…

  • Included microfiber storage bag doubles as a cleaning cloth. It’s like two for one, but actually it’s free.
Credit: SnowBrains
SnowBrains x Glade Adapt goggles
Credit: Glade
SnowBrains x Glade Adapt goggles
Credit: Glade
SnowBrains x Glade Adapt goggles
Credit: Glade
SnowBrains x Glade Adapt goggles
Credit: Glade
SnowBrains x Glade Adapt goggles
Credit: Glade
Credit: SnowBrains

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2 thoughts on “[EXCLUSIVE] Limited-Edition SnowBrains x Glade Adapt Goggles – Only 100 Pairs Available

  1. Hey Mark sorry I missed this! Will do, would love to link sometime when I’m bakc at Silver. These goggles are 100% my go to. They work well in all conditions and I just hate swapping lenses orc arrying around spare goggles. 1 and done with these ones for me! Thanks for the support Mark!!

  2. Hi Martin, thanks for your review. I ski out of Kellogg at Silver. Please let me know if you are ever heading back there I can show you to some goods where the resort team won’t take you!
    My question is will there be days where the glade goggle would be your go to? Or will you continue to use a goggle with more than one lens?
    Thanks again, I enjoy your reports.

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