Extreme Carving Snowboard Slalom

Alex Camerino |

What do you get when you cross snowboard slalom and the limbo? Extreme carving snowboard slalom, of course. Check these Russians out!

Alpine snowboarding is a small subset of snowboarding and is mesmerizing to watch. Boarders wear hard shell boots, much like an alpine ski boot, and ride boards that are stiffer with much more shape than a regular board. There are five different types of boards that range from extreme carving to all-mountain.

The goal of extreme carving slalom is to get down to the bottom of the course the fastest. The best way of having the shortest time is to flatten yourself to the ground so you can have the tightest line. While extreme carving is not a mainstream sport, there is snowboard slalom in the Olympics.

Snowboard Slalom
While not as eye-catching as extreme carving slalom, snowboard slalom is an Olympic sport. Photo: CSI

The beauty of alpine snowboarding is a good reminder that powder turns are not the only great turns out there. As any racer can attest, everyone should be able to appreciate a good groomer.

Extreme Carving Sequence
Extreme carving turn sequence. Photo: Extremecarving

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