FAIL: Coors Light Commercial Shows Skiers Dropping “Out of Bounds” With No Avalanche Gear

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“Will you brave going out of bounds?”

That’s what Coors Light is asking us in the commercial right before they show a group of 3 skiers and snowboarders dropping “out of bounds” with no backpacks, no beacons, no shovels, no probes, and clearly no avalanche education…  Completely not OK.

This video is a slap in the face of all avalanche education systems, avalanche centers, and avalanche terrain etiquette.

North Shore Rescue and B.C. Search and Rescue Association both condemned the video saying this:

“I think once the public finds out about this, they’re not going to be happy – especially the ones of family members who have gone out-of-bounds and not returned.” – Mike Danks, North Shore Rescue Leader

After being alerted to how stupid & dangerous this ad is, Coors pulled the ad, donated to the Search & Rescue Association and said this:

“We have the utmost respect for our drinkers, and the thousands of search and rescue professionals across Canada who risk their lives daily and would never want to make light of a situation that could, or has, negatively impacted someone, or their friends and families.” – Molson Coors Canada, Tuesday

All we can really say is:  C’mon, guys!

For a company that uses snowy mountains to sell its beer, it seems like an absolute no brainer to avoid showing people dropping into the backcountry without avy gear and in fact, daring them to do it!  C’mon, guys!

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One thought on “FAIL: Coors Light Commercial Shows Skiers Dropping “Out of Bounds” With No Avalanche Gear

  1. Fuck Coors. Shitty beer marketed to gullible fools. That said, WTF were they thinking ?? Oh it was Coors. They only think about $$$.
    -Q- How is Coors like making love in a canoe ??
    A – it’s fucking close to water

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