Fake Shark Attack Warnings Posted in Santa Cruz, CA Yesterday

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This is genius, really.  A rare south summer swell is coming.  It’s gonna be a sunny week.  Santa Cruz is going to be facing just the right direction to plentifully harvest the swell.  This winds are down.  Everything is lining up perfect for a killer surf week in Santa Cruz, CA… except for the crowds.  School is out, summer is here, the boardwalk is open, it’s gonna be a mess out there.

The fake shark warning posted on June 6th
The fake shark warning posted on June 6th

But there is a simple solution:  Just plant fake Shark Attack notices all over the town’s best surf breaks.

“Due to the highly aggressive nature of these encounters, it is strongly advised to stay out of the water for 48 hours” – Shark Attack Warning notice

This isn’t a new trick, but it’s likely been done better.  The bottom line of the warning tells surfers to “surf Cowell’s (the beginner spot) instead.”  Kind of a giveaway.

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The best part is that supposedly no one even cared about the notices.  Surfers still cruised right past the signs, got their wave counts, and went home.

Are California surfers afraid of sharks?  Not really.  I think it’s an inherent risk that we all take knowing full well that the risk is low.

shark attack deaths

It was a good try, but in the end completely in vain.  Santa Cruz is on the map.  Anytime there is swell, it’s gonna be crowded, especially in the summer.  Travel just outside Santa Cruz, and you’re gonna get lonely quick.

Santa Cruz, CA
Santa Cruz, CA

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4 thoughts on “Fake Shark Attack Warnings Posted in Santa Cruz, CA Yesterday

  1. I love that most dangerous animal one. It’s true and still makes me laugh in despair that people could see this on pinterest or somewhere else and not give one thought for what they could do to help!

  2. I’ve never really thought this was fair, as the same Santa Cruz agro types show up on a weekend powder day with the expectation that I remain “chill” at all times.

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