Farmers’ Almanac 2017/18 Winter Outlook:

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The Farmer’s Almanac just released their 2017/18 winter outlook today.

They’re basically saying this:

  • The Western third of the country won’t be as wet as last year’s record year.  They’re calling for an average precipitation year.  We’ll take that any day.

“Our forecasts are pointing to a return to more normal winter conditions in regard to both temperatures and precipitation. ” – Farmers’ Almanac

  • They’re specifically calling out the Northeast as a spot that will have above average snowfall:

“From the Great Lakes into the Northeast, snowier-than-normal conditions are expected.” – Farmers’ Almanac

  • The only place they’re calling for below average precipitation is the Pacific Northwest.
The Fingers at Squaw Valley, CA in epic condition right after 2 ski patrollers dropped in pre-public and absolutely shredded The Middle Knuckle and The Box on March 7th, 2017.
📸: @snowbrains




Cold conditions are back! According to the Farmers’ Almanac’s 200-year-old formula, this winter is expected to be a bit more “normal” as far as the temperatures are concerned, especially in the eastern and central parts of the country–chiefly those areas to the east of the Rocky Mountains–with many locations experiencing above-normal precipitation.


For the western third of the country—mainly those areas west of the Continental Divide—the overall winter will not be as wet as last year. Our forecasts are pointing to a return to more normal winter conditions in regard to both temperatures and precipitation. This is not to say that there won’t be occasional bouts of heavy precipitation sweeping in from the Pacific, or shots of cold air pushing south through western Canada (because what’s winter without those?), but these should be balanced out by spells of dry and mild weather.


Break out the space heaters, umbrellas, and warm socks, because the Southeast will see below normal winter temperatures with an unseasonable chill reaching as far south as the Gulf Coast, with above-average precipitation.

From the Great Lakes into the Northeast, snowier-than-normal conditions are expected. We can hear the skiers, boarders, and snowmobilers cheering from here!


And for parts of the western Great Lakes, eastern Great Plains, and points south, including Arklatexoma(where Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma abut), be prepared for wide swings in the weather pendulum, from very warm to very cold, and periods of tranquil conditions mixed with occasional spells of tempestuous weather.

Jackson Hole, WY on February 6th, 2017. Skier: Connery Lundin photo: snowbrains

How did the Farmers’ Almanac Winter Weather Outlook for 2016/17 stack up against reality?

You decide:

Farmers’ Almanac 2017 Winter Outlook:

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