Farmers’ Almanac 2018/19 Winter Outlook:

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Farmers’ Almanac 2018/19 Winter Predictions. image: farmers’ almanac

The Farmers’ Almanac released their 2018/19 winter outlook today.

This outlook looks good for ski/board country, USA.

The 2019 Farmers’ Almanac is regionally forecasting:

  • Pacific Northwest:  Typical Winter Temperatures, Wet
  • Pacific Southwest:  Mild Temperatures, Average Precipitation
  • Northern Rockies:  Teeth Chattering Cold, Plentiful Snow
  • Southern Rockies:  Stinging Cold, Average Precipitation
  • Northeast:  Cold, White

The 2019 Farmers’ Almanac is also calling for:

  • Above average precipitation for the Pacific Northwest, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic States, Midwest, Great Lakes, New England
  • Above average precipitation for the Southwest in December
  • Below average temperatures the Continental Divide east through the Appalachians
  • The real teeth-chattering arrives mid-February especially in the following zones:  Northeast/New England, Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, Midwest, and Southeast (yes, even the Southeast will be in the chill zone!)
Hoping for many a turn like this this winter.  Jamie Blair smashing pow at Squaw Valley, CA in March 2011. photo: casey cane/snowbrains

“Contrary to the stories storming the web, our time-tested, long-range formula is pointing toward a very long, cold, and snow-filled winter. We stand by our forecast and formula, which accurately predicted the many storms last winter, as well as this summer’s steamy, hot conditions.” – Farmers’ Almanac Editor Peter Geiger, Philom

Guide to the Farmers’ Almanac’s zones in the USA. image: farmers’ almanac


by the 2019 Farmers’ Almanac

  • Colder-than-normal conditions are predicted from the Continental Divide east through the Appalachians.
  • Above-normal snowfall predicted for Great Lakes, Midwest, New England, Pacific Northwest
  • Frigid weather is expected in mid-February, which may also bring blustery and bitter winds, widespread snow showers, especially in zones 1, 2, and 3.
  • Winter will hang on with stormy conditions up through the official start of spring, especially for the East Coast.

The Almanac also forecasts an unusually snowy and/or wet winter across the Pacific Northwest, Northeast, and Mid-Atlantic States; in these regions, the thermometer will be hovering just above or just below the freezing mark, which means some of the precipitation may fall as either ice or rain/freezing rain.

Mild winter? Nah. It’s going to be cold, so be prepared!

Above-normal precipitation is also forecast for the Southwest region during December 2018, and for the Southeast in January and February 2019. The rest of the nation will see closer to normal snowfall amounts, although, as the 2019 Farmers’ Almanac suggests, a stormier-than-normal March could push snowfall totals to above normal over the northern and central Rockies and Plains. Good news for skiers and boarders!

Significant snowfalls are also predicted for parts of all 7 of our zones (check out what we’re predicting for your zone here.)

More of this this winter, please. Jamie Blair for the win in Jackson Hole in January 2017. photo: snowbrains

Curious how the Farmer’s Almanac did with its 2017/18 winter predictions?  

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