February 2016: Earth’s Warmest Month On Satellite Record

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Does it feel like this is happening at your local mountain?

At this point, climate change is no longer deniable.  The evidence is everywhere around us from warmer than average sea surface temperatures to extreme drought and storms.  February 2016 was the hottest month ever in the lower atmosphere, as gathered through data from satellites.

the warmer than average temperatures in the lower atmosphere
the warmer than average temperatures in the lower atmosphere


On average, temperatures were 0.83 degrees Celsius warmer than the long term average, according to Roy Spencer, research scientist at the University of Alabama at Huntsville.  Spencer worked with John Christy to develop some of the first temperature readings derived from satellite data.


sat februarywasw


February was 0.3 degrees Celsius from the warmest January on record.  Some land areas in the Northern Hemisphere tropics experienced temperatures a consistent 1.46 degrees C above long term averages.  This blows any other previous warmth anomaly out of the water by 0.5 degrees C.

the gradual warming trend of earth
the gradual warming trend of earth

All the data continue to point to the same result.  The climate is changing, we are experiencing radical weather and seeing patterns that are out of historical alignment.  If we don’t change the way that we fundamentally think about actively solving this problem- it may already be too late.  The future is ours to shape. Lets all do our snow dance and pray for some precipitation this march.

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2 thoughts on “February 2016: Earth’s Warmest Month On Satellite Record

  1. An interesting conversation with my dad yesterday. I was talking to dad this morning and he remarked the the temperature in Wisconsin will be very warm today. He them remembered that in February 1942 the temperature was in the 80s and he took his shirt off feeding the cattle because he was sweating. He then remembered his dad say that it was just as warm the winter in the 1890s. So I looked up the last 200 years on Wikipedia and sure enough a cycle of 50-60 years with 1831 being very warm as well. The Farmers Almanac has records of those years as well showing severe weather happening during these years as well. Just something that came up today that with only a little more than one degree on average increase these last hundred years it may have to do more with vehicle radiators, A/C’s, Furnaces, everything paved, all the trees removed and maybe not so much CO-2??? And if CO-2 has effects than how can anyone stop the 345 other countries that have NO pollution standards/controls. China agreed they will think about it in the next 20 years? This is what obama touted as something great?

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