Felonies for Boy Scout Leaders Who Toppled Ancient Rock Formation:

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The former Boy Scout leader who pushed over an ancient mushroom rock formation (named hoodoo) in Goblin Valley State Park, Utah has been formally charged with felony criminal mischief along with the other Boy Scout leader who filmed the crime.

The incident occurred in in October, 2013 and the mushroom formation dates back 145 to 170 million years ago during the Jurassic Period.  These guys destroyed the formation, filmed it, and put it on youtube.com.  The video went viral and people were outraged.  In the video, you can hear a third person laughing and cheering them on.

Both Boy Scout leaders were leading a Boy Scout trip at the time of the incident and have since been let go by Boy Scout officials.

The two Scout leaders claimed that the 170 million year old formation was dangerous and needed to be knocked over to prevent it from harming someone. 

The Associated Press reports:

“Emery County Attorney David Blackwell said he filed the charges Friday but is trying to negotiate a plea deal.”

“Both men, of Highland, Utah, about 30 miles south of Salt Lake City, were ordered to appear in state court March 18 …”

“‘We are taking it seriously,’ Blackwell said. ‘It’s been an interesting case, mostly because of the attention it’s garnered.'”

“Blackwell said any defense asserting the goblin-shaped rock was ready to tip over ‘would need to have a lot of expert testimony, and it would probably go both ways.'” – AP

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