Female Hiker Impaled By Hunter’s Arrow On Alaskan Trail

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hiker, alaska, impaled, hunters arrow
Janis Bronson was impaled while walking in Alaska. Credit: SWNS

Alaska State Troopers were called to the rescue of a 59-year-old Anchorage, AK woman who was impaled in the knee by an arrow that had been left on a Cooper Landing Trail Thursday afternoon.

Janis Bronson was five miles from the trailhead when she walked into the tip-up broadhead arrow, which was embedded in the ground but hidden in tall grass. As the teacher walked over the weapon, it skewered her leg and was driven ‘almost all the way through the limb’ according to officials at the scene.

‘It was a broadhead arrow, which is used for hunting, and it has three sharp points. It is designed to go right through animals and sever arteries so that they bleed out,’ explained Sgt. Mike Zweifel of the Alaska State Troopers.

hiker, alaska, impaled, hunters arrow
The arrow is used in hunting to sever animal arteries so they bleed to death. Credit: SWNS

Troopers were called to the Lower Russian Lakes Trail at about 3 pm. They hiked for an hour and a half before they reached Bronson, and after stabilizing the wound called for rescuers from Moose Pass Fire and Bear Creek Volunteer Fire Department to assist them. First responders decided that Janis should be airlifted by the National Guard to Providence Alaska Medical Centre. She then had to wait in excruciating pain for hours while a helicopter could be sent to the remote destination.

hiker, alaska, impaled, hunters arrow
Janis was airlifted to hospital after waiting hours in excruciating pain. Credit: SWNS

Bronson who flown to an Anchorage hospital by the 210th and 212th Rescue Squadrons of the Alaska Air National Guard. Despite the gruesome images, Janis did not disturb any major arteries and is on the way to recovery. Sgt. Zweifel added:

‘Luckily the arrow entered her leg about an inch away from her major artery, and did not hit anything major. ‘We think the arrow may have fallen out of somebody’s quill or perhaps just got lost after it was shot. ‘We’re just glad she’s okay.’

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