Female Ski Patrol Staff At Squaw Valley Created A Calendar, Got Adrenaline Pumping During Photo Shoot

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Ski patrol
Group of Squaw Valley ski patrol posing on top of the Squaw Valley tram. PC: Keoki Flagg

When thinking about the criteria for a ski patroller, many people may think the dangerous career path is for masculine men. Well think again, the women of the Squaw Valley ski patrol staff have created a calendar. Not only to illustrate that women are ski patrollers too, but also to show that they participate in some of the more strenuous activities.

87% of the Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows professional ski patrol is male. All 13 of the female ski patrollers on the Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows patrol are insanely skilled at what they do. Being a ski patroller requires one to not only be strong physically, but mentally as well.

rock climbing
A ski patroller at Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows rock climbing. PC: Keoki Flagg

Ski patrollers always practice for the unexpected, due to the diverse conditions on a mountain. The weather conditions can be favorable and allow ski patrollers to reach a skier/snowboarder quickly and easily, but the weather conditions can also turn for the worse and make it very difficult for ski patrollers to get to a skier/snowboarder.

According to Hannah Clayton, a ski patroller, her first patient in her first season required heli transport for a head injury. Her second patient’s wrist was in rough condition, following a close encounter with a ski.

Ski patroller at Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows going down the mountain while towing around a medical toboggan. PC: Keoki Flagg

The women of the Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows ski patrol were very pleased with the way their pictures and calendar turned out. Photographer Keoki Flagg goes above and beyond when it comes to getting the “money shot.” In order for him to get the “money shot” he needs fearless participants as well, he most certainly picked the perfect group for that.

Ski patroller at Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows posing by a warning sign/boundary line. PC: Keoki Flagg

Flagg snapped some amazing pictures. He snapped an awesome shot of a group of the ski patrollers on the tram at Squaw Valley, it can be seen at the top of the article. Clayton described Flagg as a visionary photographer. The proceeds from their calendar will provide scholarships for avalanche education.

Ski Patroller at Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows posing, looking into the distance. PC: Keoki Flagg

If you are in the Tahoe area from 6-8 p.m. November, 26th, be sure to sop by Gallery Keoki in the Village at Squaw Valley for the calendar release party. Along with that, click here to purchase a Squaw Valley Women of Ski Patrol 2016-17 Calendar. The proceeds from this calendar will go towards funding scholarships for avalanche education, which will in-turn benefit the community by placing more educated ski patrols on the mountain to keep you safe.

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