Fight The Man | Own A Piece of the Powder Highway: Red Mountain, B.C.

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“You are helping to preserve something that once lost, will be gone forever.  We can’t over overstate this.  The writing is on the wall.”  Red Mountain CEO Howard Katkov

Red Mountain is looking to switch to community ownership in the near future.  They’re currently gauging interest to see how many people may be willing in investing in Red Mountain to keep it the way it is:  cool, funky, rad, mellow, and legendary.

Red Mountain’s CEO Howard Katkov wants to keep the mountain running and avoid being crushed by the big guys or being taken over and becoming a mega resort.  He want the place to stay “cool and funky” as Rasta Stevie put it.

Red Mountain trail map.
Red Mountain trail map.

This announcement from Red comes just 2 days after the B.C. government just approved the master plan for an enormous, year round, largest vertical drop in North America ski resort in B.C. called Valemount Glaciers. 

B.C. Government Gives Approval to Build Large, Year Round Ski Resort | Will Have Largest Vertical Drop in North America

Red Mountain ski resort in B.C. opened in 1947 as a club-based ski area.

Red Mountain made this series of videos to explain exactly what they’re doing and what’s in it for you.

Would you invest in Red?


Investor Benefits:

  • Part ownership of the entire resort and assets
  • Limited edition custom skis
  • Lift tickets
  • Access to overnight cabins atop Grey Mountain
  • Supports an annual fund for local education
  • More to be announced…
Grey's Peak, Red Mountain, B.C. photo: red mountain
Grey Mountain, Red Mountain, B.C. photo: red mountain

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