Finding the Huldra | A Return to Skiing in Lyngen, Norway

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Update from skier and traveler Zach Paley on his return to Norway. Zach has returned to the fjords of Lyngen, Norway to work as a deckhand onboard the Vulkana sailing and skiing through the fjords near Lyngen. This year has been a different winter in Norway.

The author expressed his frustration saying that “last week was hell, 4 of 7 were down [days]”

Here is his most recent update, words and images by Zach Paley.

The Cursed Huldra of Lyngen!


If Hakuba is my white horse, Lyngen, my dark horse. I should have known better than to let my guard down going into this trip.




The angry ocean snarls and the towering peaks sneer. Lyngen offers rain, wind, ice, and a low, unstable snowpack. The bitch. She doesn’t want to pick up last year.

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