Friday Fun: How To Get First Chair at Squaw Valley, CA with Shane McConkey

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In this video, Shane murders and maims about eight people in order to get first chair at Squaw with his Volant Machete skis.  This really shows how cool Volant was.  They gave Shane full creative freedom with designing skis (Volant Spatula was the first reverse camber, reverse sidecut ski) and even creating their commercials.

Not many ski companies would go out on a limb (no pun intended) and produce a commercial like this.  But, if it’s the freeride community they want, they’re nailing it.  We love humor and Shane really implemented that in the freeskiing community.  Nowadays, if you’re not kinda funny you certainly aren’t gonna be one of the bros.

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3 thoughts on “Friday Fun: How To Get First Chair at Squaw Valley, CA with Shane McConkey

  1. I cannot believe youre sponsored
    I am waaaay better than you!!
    Shane was one of the best and always most humble to us average local skiers at Squally (no slur here).
    Absolute Honor to have known him and be his neighbor.
    Super funny story early summer pre volant machete we were talking about ‘extreme’ skiing n all that stuff from the ‘80’s era at Squally at a friends party.
    I mentioned how it was all just a bunch of hype the extreme skiing scene, as we just skied it all no need for self promo etc.
    Early that next winter I was on the cornice of the light towers off headwall lift and Shane came skiing up and said hi.
    I looked down at his skis while he stood on the cornice next to me and they both looked seriously bent at tips and tails. This was way before full rocker skis.
    I asked, “are you alright?”
    To which he replied ya am fine why.
    I said cause both of your skis are bent did you crash or something?
    To which he lifted one ski towards me to show me the name in the tail.
    It said PROTO-HYPE and he said theyre supposed to be this way.
    So there was the first Volant Machete prototype ever.
    Thanks Shane you were always funny as and the best ever to make skiing so fun again with the best attitude.
    Miss you man

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