70% of Deaths Caused by Flooding Are a Result of People Ignoring Barriers and Driving In To Floodwaters

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flood, deaths, driving, nws
Those barriers are there for a reason, don’t ignore them. Credit: NWS

26 people have died in the United States so far this year as the result of driving into floodwaters according to the NWS. Often these tragedies happen at night when the flooded road is difficult to see.

The 26 deaths account for 70% of the total deaths (37) caused by flooding this year, many of which can be avoided.

But shockingly, most of the time, people are choosing to drive around barricades or through a flooded road.

Just don’t.

flood, deaths, driving, nws
26 out of 37 deaths so far this year are caused by driving into floodwaters. Credit: NWS

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