Pair of Foil Handcrafted Italian Skis can be Yours for Only $60,000

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foil, handcrafted, skis, italian
Sweet ride. Credit: Foil Skis

Italian ski maker Foil has just released a pair of handcrafted skis, the Oro Nero Classico, with a ridiculous $60,000 price tag.

Foil is an Italian ski maker that specializes in rare, unusual, and often precious materials, think rosewood and purpleheart top sheets, bamboo sidewalls, and metal-plated bindings. Its aim is “to create a ski of World Cup performance, in perfect balance with the body, in harmony with nature, and one that aesthetically celebrates the timeless beauty of skiing” reports

foil, handcrafted, skis, italian
$60k you say? They’ll be perfect early season rock skis. Credit: Foil Skis

Prices for its planks range from $20,000 to $60,000. The most expensive in the lineup, the limited-edition Oro Nero, features a top sheet of 8,000-year-old certified bog oak and bindings plated in 14-karat gold. The skis also come with gold-plated poles and a custom leather ski bag.

foil, handcrafted, skis, italian
The included poles and leather bag adds up to an incredible bargain. Credit: Foil Skis

The company’s head designer is a former Austrian World Cup ski racer, so maybe it’s not just a fashion statement, but for the price of a luxury car, they’re going to have to give some serious performance improvements!

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