Footage Reveals Shocking Amounts of Trash at Mt Everest Camp 4

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“Disheartening to see the accumulation of garbage at Camp IV on Mt Everest,” EverestToday captions a video tweeted on May 28, which shows an active camp of five tents surrounded by countless piles of discarded fabric, ropes, and plastic. 

What has stemmed from an issue of tourism and overcrowding, tonnes of trash have accumulated on what National Geographic dubs the “World’s Highest Garbage Dump.” EverestToday acknowledges the problem in its tweet, calling for “stricter regulations, enforcement of clean climbing practices, and effective waste management strategies.” 

Mt. Everest camp with garbage littered about / Credit: National Geographic

In the two days since posting, the video has generated 2 million views, 10.6K Likes, and 3K+ retweets. Through its website and Twitter page, EverestToday is dedicated to reporting all things Everest, especially covering “mountaineering over the Himalayas and Karakoram with special focus on 8000-meter peaks.”

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