For The First Time in 10 Years, University of Nevada-Reno Will Bring Back Alpine Skiing This Season

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University of Nevada, Reno will have alpine skiing return for the first time in ten years.
University of Nevada, Reno will have alpine skiing return for the first time in ten years. pc screenshot sierra sun

Proud to Be Back

Exciting news came out of the University of Nevada–Reno (UNR) last week as UNR President Brian Sandoval proudly announced, “The Pack is back in women and men’s alpine skiing.”  The famous UNR alpine skiing program will be officially reinstated this year after being dropped from the athletic program in 2010.

UNR’s Championship History

The UNR ski team was founded in 1936 by legendary Wayne Poulson who was a student-athlete at the time. The ski program remained highly competitive over the years accumulating an incredible list of accomplishments including:

  • Four Olympians (Dodie Post Gann, Glenn Jobe, Katerina Nash, Lane Monroe)
  • Five individual National titles
  • 39 All-American honors
  • 14 Top-10 team finishes at the NCAA Championships

The New UNR at Lake Tahoe

Now following the acquisition of Sierra Nevada University in July and having it rebranded as UNR at Lake Tahoe, it seems alpine skiing has returned.

SNU-Eagles alpine team.
SNU-Eagles alpine team. pc ski racing

UNR’s website shared news about the announcement and here’s what UNR President Brian Sandoval had to say:

With the beautiful University of Nevada-Reno at Lake Tahoe campus, we will recruit the finest-student athletes to our women’s and men’s alpine ski teams who will have access to some of the finest skiing venues in the world. We look forward to competing against the very best alpine skiing programs in the nation as a member of the Rocky Mountain Intercollegiate Ski Association (RMISA) and appreciate the opportunity to join these outstanding teams.”

The nine other teams in the RMISA include Alaska – Anchorage, Alaska – Fairbanks, Colorado, Colorado Mountain College, Denver, Montana State, Utah, Westminster College, and Wyoming.

Coach Kosi In Charge

Sandoval went on to state, “We are in a really special moment in the history of athletics at the University of Nevada, Reno. We have all the right people in place.” That statement seems to ring true especially when you consider one of the most exciting parts of the announcement was learning Mihaela Kosi will return as coach. Kosi served as a coach for SNU’s alpine skiing teams from 2018-2022 and has already accumulated an impressive array of titles. Under her leadership, the Eagles won a total of 16 team national times at the U.S. Collegiate Ski and Snowboard Association (USCSA) Collegiate Championship and then added another eight team title wins at the 2022 championships this past year.

UNR President Brian Sandoval left, new alpine coach Mihaela Kosi center and Althetic Director Stephanie Rempe right at press conference to announce new alpine skiing program. s
UNR President Brian Sandoval (left) new alpine coach Mihaela Kosi (center) and Athletic Director Stephanie Rempe (right) at a press conference to announce the new alpine skiing program. screenshot sierra sun

Dreams Come True

Commenting on the announcement Kosi explains:

“It’s a dream come true. I am very honored and grateful to be part of this transition, and to have a hand in reinstating the one and only Division I skiing program in the region… When I heard about the merger, I felt responsible and driven to ensure that the legacy of my team continues. …. I look forward to reinstating and repeating the success of the Nevada skiing.”

The Wolfpack’s season kicks off in December with the teams competing in both slalom and giant slalom. No timetable is set for the Nordic team’s return. It’s undoubtedly shaping up to be a very exciting season for the Wolfpack’s return!

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