For Sale: Double Chairs 1 and 2 at Dodge Ridge Mountain Resort, CA

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Dodge Ridge Double Chairs Are For Sale
Photo via Dodge Ridge

Sadly, in the world of ski lifts, the double chair is a dying breed. In today’s fast-paced snow industry speed and efficiency are key. Unfortunately, two-person fixed-grip chairlifts are becoming a thing of the past. Although a timeless classic, some think they just don’t cut it anymore. 

Dodge Ridge Mountain Resort is now giving you the opportunity to own a piece of ski history. Its old 2-person fixed-grip chairs are now up for sale because a new triple chairlift is being installed to replace Chairs 1 and 2. Previously carrying 1,000 people per hour, Lifts 1 and 2 certainly had a good run, operating since 1970 and 1964 respectively. They’re the perfect relic for that added touch of ski nostalgia in your yard. 

Dodge Ridge Old Double Chairs For Sale
Photo via: Dodge Ridge

With a little help from a Black Hawk helicopter, the old lift towers have been removed. New towers were flown in and installation is underway. The new Triple Nugget Chairlift will open up the lower mountain terrain which earlier required both Chairlifts 1 & 2 to gain access. Dodge Ridge’s new owners, Invision Capital, who purchased the resort a year ago, have not wasted any time on adding upgrades to the resort.  

Photo via: Dodge Ridge

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If you are interested in purchasing any of the chairlift carriers from the former Chairlifts 1 & 2, the stock is limited and plans to sell out quickly. All chairs are doubles measuring 42” wide by 102” tall with either vinyl, wood slat, or plywood backing. Both were manufactured by Riblet Tramway Company in Spokane, Washington, before they went under in the 90s. Each set will run you $600+tax which comes out to around $643.50. You can purchase them over the phone and swing by the resort for pick-up. Give them a call at (209) 965-3474 for more info or reach out by email at for photos.

Chairlift Repurposed and Measured
The courtesy of Dodge Ridge Info Team

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