Four Backcountry Ski and Snowboard Socks You Need

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If you find yourself on the skin track often, you probably know that when you’re in the backcountry the most minor inconveniences can really stunt the stoke of the day.

One of those inconveniences tends to be found in equipment malfunctions or improper clothing for the tour. One specific thing that comes to mind is socks! Socks are so important because when they’re too thick you feel like you’re in a sauna, and when they’re too thin you feel like you’re going to get frostbite.

Here’s a list of four recommendations for backcountry ski socks so you have at least one less thing to worry about on your tour. 

Le Bent: Le Send x Cody Townsend 

Image: Le Bent

The motto for these socks are literally – “Built for the way up, to send on the way down.” These socks are in collaboration with famous ski mountaineer and star of the ‘THE FIFTY,’ Cody Townsend. Townsend spends the majority of his time on the slopes skinning in the backcountry and skiing some of the gnarliest lines in North America in these socks. With plenty of mesh ventilation, a toe box cushion, and a snug ‘Y’ heel fit you are going to have a sock that doesn’t overheat, but at the same time keeps you warm as you move. The ‘Y’ heel fit is paired with a silicone heel lock so that your socks stay glued to your feet and prevent blisters.

Point 6 37.5 Ultra Light OTC

Image: Point 6

Point 6 is not only a sock vendor, but it’s what they do the best. When you are talking about alpine touring socks they kill it. With their touring socks featuring 37.5 technology, you are bound to never have to worry about what’s under your boots. 37.5 is a company that creates materials that help your body stay at the ideal core temperature of 37.5 degrees celsius. Well, your socks are obviously not at the core of your body, but, 37.5 technology helps block off humidity due to the dynamic thermoregulation properties.

Smartwool Performance Ski Medium Sock

steep skiing

64% merino wool, 34% nylon, and 2% elastane. Merino wool, according to Smartwool, is thinner and softer than regular wool, thus, making it easier to wear next to your skin. Going off that logic, having more than half of the sock made from this material you’re feet are going to be in for a comfortable tour. In addition to this, the sock is made with a medium cushion with a few ventilation zones. This means that you are going to have good impact absorption for those gnarly lines and you are still going to avoid overheating and sweating.

Image: Stance
More technology! Made by Stance, one of the most reputable sock companies, with their Feel360 technology. Socks made with this material allow the fibers in the sock to react to the body’s temperature allowing for high-performance comfort. In addition to this, the socks also feature properties that eliminate odor-causing bacteria which also wick away moisture in the process. These socks are no joke when you’re on the skin track because they have graduated compression that enhances blood flow and helps you keep moving comfortably.

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