Free 20-Minute Xavier de le Rue Big Mountain Snowboard Movie | “White Noise”

Miles Clark |

It’s no secret that Xavier de le Rue is the best big mountain snowboarder on Earth.  After all these years of riding, he still never disappoints because he is still willing to pay the ultimate price.  It sounds ominous, but after watching this footage, you’ll know it’s true.

This movie is a window into Xavier’s brain.  It’s an inspiring view.  He reveals his fears, his loves, his skills, his reasons for doing what he does, and his end plan.

Xavier is the best and he pushes that ability to the edge.  He keeps the edge close.  He keeps it so close that anything he does is a marvel to observe.

If you’re not ready for the entire movie, here’s the trailer:



If you speak French:

“Prenez une grande inspiration, accrochez vous, et préparez vous à 20 minutes d’immersion en pleine montagne aux cotés de Xavier et ses potes de ride.Après THIS IS MY WINTER, TimeLine Films est fier de vous présenter son nouveau film WHITE NOISE.Rentrer dans l’intimité de Xavier de Le Rue, considéré par ses pairs comme le meilleur freerideur. Il dévoile sa vision du snowboard, ses motivations qui le pousse à trouver de nouveaux terrains et de nouvelles façons de les exploiter, et pourquoi le snowboard est sa raison d’être.Les riders suivants sont dans White Noise, Xavier de Le Rue, Victor de Le Rue, Samuel Anthamatten et Johan Jonsson en invité.”


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3 thoughts on “Free 20-Minute Xavier de le Rue Big Mountain Snowboard Movie | “White Noise”

  1. Getting into the Xaviers head is getting into my head. This guy thinks different and has to

  2. There is no touching this guy. And there really might not be anyone to touch this guy for a while. Only Jeremy and X are doing this stuff and we all know there isn’t much money in big mountain snowboarding. I’m putting on my bandana and heading to the park, brah.

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