Freeskier Jordi Tenas Dies in Avalanche in Las Leñas, Argentina | Friend Survives 15-Hrs Under Snow

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12,376-foot Torrecillas, Las Leñas, Argentina.

I am very sad to report that 24-year-old Spanish freeskier Jordi Tenas has passed away in an avalanche in Las Leñas, Argentina.  Jordi has been a fixture in the Las Leñas community for the past handful of years and will be greatly missed.

It’s being reported by El Sol that Jordi was in the Las Leñas backcountry near the popular ski zone Torrecillas when an avalanche struck him and fellow Spaniard, 30-year-old photographer, Txema Trull.  It appears that Jordi and Trull where in their tent when a large avalanche came down on them on late Friday night/early Saturday morning.  Jordi was inside the tent, was buried by the avalanche, and perished.  Trull was inside the tent as well and survived buried in the snow for 15 hours before rescuers arrived.  Rescuers were able to dig Txema out, extracted him from the mountain, and get him into an ambulance on the way to the hospital in San Rafael, Argentina.

Jordi Tenas in Las Leñas. photo: Txema Trull
Jordi Tenas in Las Leñas. photo: Txema Trull

Trull was treated for hypothermia in the ambulance and is currently in stable condition a Schestakow hospital in San Rafael.

Torrecillas, Las Leñas, Argentina.  photo:
Torrecillas, Las Leñas, Argentina. photo:


Rescuers were reportedly alerted by friends who knew that Jordi and Txema were scheduled to have returned on Friday, September 20th, 2013.  Rescuers immediately left for the Torrecillas area and discovered evidence of a large avalanche upon arrival.  A rescue dog located Jordi and Txema’s tent buried in the snow.  They found Jordi’s body inside the tent and they found Trull, alive, inside the tent as well.

video of Jordi and Trull skiing and getting caught in a different avalanche in Las Leñas this summer

Jordi Tenas has been an avid freeskier in Las Leñas, Argentina for years (since 2008, I think).  He truly loved Las Leñas and had spent the entire 2013 winter season there.  I suspect that Txema had spent the entire season in Las Leñas as well.

Jordi is from Barcelona, Spain and spent his northern winters skiing the Pyrenees mountains.  Jordi will be greatly missed in both Las Leñas and the Pyrenees.

Torrecillas.  photo:  jess mcmillan
Torrecillas. photo: jess mmillan

Las Leñas ski resort has been closed since September 14th, 2013.  The area received a significant amount of new snow the past week as at least one snowstorm passed through the Las Leñas area.

Torrecillas.  image:  jess macmillan
Torrecillas. image: jess mcmillan

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12 thoughts on “Freeskier Jordi Tenas Dies in Avalanche in Las Leñas, Argentina | Friend Survives 15-Hrs Under Snow

  1. para todos los que sabemos disfrutar de las pendientes mas pronunciadas barajando todas las eventualidades …..a veces y desgraciadamente …..aparece la desgracia…….al menos nos dejo haciendo lo que para el era y fue su vida,su pasión……..siempre estará en nuestro recuerdo…..Jordi todo un grande!!!!

  2. yet another deadicated shredder taken away way to soon, live every day as if its your last but please be smart and save out there,

    like CT said shred in peace,

  3. Mike and I are so sorry to hear o the passing of another amazing mountain rider and friend. Jordi, you were always a highlight of our LL experience. I remember the first time we saw you and your dangling rope off Carne Crudo, and had to meet the man behind the myth! You will be missed.

  4. Fuck. Jordi was honestly one of the single most stoked skiers I ever met. Such a rad dude. So incredibly bummed to read this this morning. Shred in Peace hombre.

    1. It’s such a bad loss. He was such a great skier full of passion and stokeness, but on top of all he was an even better person full of positiveness and good words for everyone. His worst behaviour with another one was to try to steal a first run down a powder bluebird day.
      Farewell to a great person, welcome to a legend. Fins aviat Mestre!!

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