Freeskiing has Reached the Future: Switch Double 2160

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Kuura Koivisto, 20,  just made history as the first skier to spin into the future with a Switch Double 2160. That is six full 360s! No other skier has ever spun past 1980.

The term “future spin” is often used when referring to very large spins in freeskiing. It is often accompanied by the phrase “spin to win” as the more spins, the more difficult the trick. Although there is no specific definition, most spins above 1440 could be considered a future spin as athletes spin at an incredible speed. As we are in the year 2021 and Koivisto spun 2160, you most definitely can consider his mind-boggling trick a future spin.

This year has been unusual for professional skiers who normally compete in in-person competitions. To keep a tradition going, Absolut Park, Austria, set up the Spring Battle 2021 as an online Instagram contest. The contest is split into four groups (freeski women, snowboard women, freeski men, and snowboard men). Each group can compete in the three categories where the top three members of each group win prize money: Spin to Win Award, Best 540 Award, and Best Rail Award. Koivisto is competing in the Spin to Win category and will be incredibly difficult to beat. The contest has brought a ton of sweet Instagram clips, and they can be viewed at #springbattle21spintowin, #springbattle21best540, and #springbattle21bestrail.

Two skiers doing a backflip at the Spring Battle 2021. Credit:

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2 thoughts on “Freeskiing has Reached the Future: Switch Double 2160

  1. I thought the term Freeskiing was used when skiing the mountains, not park riding? Wouldn’t this be considered freestyle, trick or park skiing?

    1. Hello, thank you for inquiring regarding the term “freeskiing.” Freeskiing is a general term for multiple disciplines of our sport including park or freestyle skiing, freeriding, urban skiing, or skiing that involves tricks. Big Mountain skiing encompasses skiing down large mountains without tricks whereas freeriding is skiing down large mountains with tricks. Many skiers identify as “freeskiers” as they are pursuing multiple of the “free” (or parts that involve tricks) disciplines of our sport. The best example of this would be Freeskier Magazine, which reports on all of the disciplines of freeskiing. You are correct to call the discipline “freestyle,” although since it is a discipline of the broader term “freeskiing”, freeskiing is also correct. Hopefully this helps!

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