[VIDEO] Insane Trick | Freestyle Skier Maintains Grab Through 1440 and Landing, Lands on One Ski

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Finnish freestyle skier Simo Peltola pulled off an awesome trick during the men’s freestyle skiing big air qualifiers at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics on Monday—and still failed to qualify for Wednesday’s final.

Peltola, 21, completed four rotations in the air while grabbing one ski. Then, instead of releasing his ski on landing, he maintained the grab, landing on one ski!

“That is so difficult. There’s no one else in the contest that’s doing it. And showing the judges that this is the progression of the sport. That was insane.”

– NBC commentator

Peltola scored 72.00 out of a possible 100 for the run, beating his first two scores of the day. Those first two runs had already left him out of contention for Wednesday’s final, so with the pressure off for this third run, he was just having fun.

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