Frenchman Who Tried to Walk Through The Pyrenees to Spain for Cheap Cigarettes Needed Helicopter Rescue

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The Pyrenees. Credit: Michael Liao | Unsplash

A Frenchman had to call for help when he got lost walking through the Pyrenees mountain range in a quest to purchase cheap cigarettes in Spain. The citizens of France, like the majority of the rest of the world, are currently in lockdown and anyone who leaves their house needs a written note explaining why.

A helicopter was required for the rescue after the man left his home in southwest France, and attempted to drive 20 miles south to the Spanish border town Jonquera. The border road was blocked by police, so after being turned around, he parked up and attempted to cross the border on foot. He was on a hiking trail through the mountain when he fell into a stream and some brambles, got lost and called for help.

frenchman, lost
The journey the quarantined Frenchman tried to undertake.

A French mountain rescue team was called out and luckily rescuers quickly located the “exhausted, shivering, cold and lost” man. He was airlifted to the nearest hospital. In France.

The man was fined 135 euros ($150) for defying the quarantine measures.

“We remind you once more: stay at home,” regional police said.

France has had 94,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, and 8,078 deaths.

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