Big Snow In Utah Prompts Lifts to Re-Open | 14” in past 48 Hours

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Typical Spring storm in Utah
Typical Spring storm in Utah

April is historically a good month for Utah resorts, especially the Cottonwood Canyon Resorts of Snowbird, Alta, Brighton and Solitude.  Unfortunately for Utah skiers though at the start of April, terrain, lifts, and entire resorts begin to close as tourist numbers drop and US Forest Service contracts expire.

I love tourists, without them and their fantastic questions I wouldn’t have a job in either the summer or winter.  Also I wouldn’t have Snowbird or Alta to ski.  With that being said, April is a time for all local skiers and riders alike to rejoice in the gradual disappearance of paper tickets.  As the number of day passes dwindle the conditions seem to get better and we become spoiled with trams so spacious you begin to do stretches on the way up.

Tram Docking at 11,000' Hidden Peak
Tram Docking at 11,000′ Hidden Peak

Today was NOT that kind of day though.  During parts of the day the line for the tram stretched out the building thanks to 14 inches of snow in the last 48 hours and 6 in the last 24Conditions are all time for the season with the deepest base of the year at 110 inches.

If you are a Snowbird Skier or Rider you can begin to rejoice right about….  NOW!

Hopefully not this busy!
Hopefully not this busy!

Today the only way up the mountain was the Tram to access the mid-mountain lifts.  Tomorrow brings the return of Gad-zoom which closed at the end of Sunday for the season.  Due to demand and excellent conditions, Snowbird will keep Gad-zoom open until Sunday, April 21st.  In addition Creekside Restaurant will re-open Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Snowbird’s full Spring schedule can be found here.  As always, the latest closing date in all of Utah and most of the West.  Number 4 resort in North America seems a little low now….

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