Friday Fun: Goats Incredibly Survive Avalanche in Alps

SnowBrains |

This video starts off impressing you by how fast these goats (Chamois) can run.  The first group of goats recognizes the slow wet avalanche coming down the mountain and hit incredible speeds across frozen chunks of snow to escape the path of the oncoming avalanche.

It’s the second group of goats that encounters a miraculous escape from the grips of the wet avalanche.  These 4 goats in the later part of the video appear to get partially buried by the avalanche, unbury themselves and run off at insane speed like nothing ever happened.

The fun part is hearing the French guys commentary during the ordeal.  Even if you don’t understand French, you can tell what they’re saying and how stoked they are that the Chamois survive.  You also tell that they’re impressed how badass these critters are.

We love when they’re clapping and yelling “One.  Two.  Two.  Three.  Three.  Four, Four!”  

“Un.  Deux.  Trois.  Quatre, quatre!”

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