Friday Fun: Bear Eats GoPro & Bear Hits Car

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skip to 1:00 mark to get your face in this Grizzly’s mouth

This first video is great because we get to see what it would look like to get eaten by a bear… without actually getting eaten.  It’s not very often that you get to see the inside of Grizzly Bear’s mouth.  1.8 million views on this video already…

This second video is simply spectacular.  The bear hits the car, makes a huge noise, bounces off the windshield, rolls all over the ground, and then walks off like nothing ever happened.  This video will make you laugh and almost cry.  We know from him walking away that he’s likely OK.  But you never know, bears are tough, adrenaline is a strong drug, and he could have actually been hurt.  We hope he’s OK.

Grizzly eats GoPro
Grizzly eats GoPro

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8 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Bear Eats GoPro & Bear Hits Car

  1. You can have no idea if he’s ok. That may be a fatal blow and he is walking off to die. a man hit a tree at Squaw, went down to patrol shack and rapped a while, then suddenly died on the spot of a torn aorta. so, you don’t know at all. if your post is in good taste based on the survival of the bear, I’m afraid you are guessing and using ignorance of medical facts as a cover. I don’t know if it’s cool.

      1. that would help, though like skiers, bears are probably embarrassed and in denial after a crash, more than anything.
        and like: “I’ll tell you the name of three objects, a bucket, a ribbon, and a candle. I’ll come back in 30 minutes and ask you what those three objects are.” haha

        my using the word ‘ignorance’ was maybe a little strong.

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