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There’s no doubting the the Chinese love the USA.  Especially the wealthy Chinese.  They love copying all our clothing, shoes, accessories, and now, even our hip towns.  Yes, Jackson Hole, China is real.  You’ve gotta watch the above video to believe it.  Jackson Hole China is only a 90-minute drive from downtown Bejing, China.

For even more info on Jackson Hole, China, check out the CNN article excerpted below:

Jackson Hole, China (CNN) — Looking for a weekend escape from the city, Annie Liu and her husband fell in love at first sight with a log home in Jackson Hole and bought it for less than $300,000.

Five years on, a weekly 90-minute drive from their downtown apartment to the house has long been the norm. They enjoy gardening, barbecuing or simply relaxing in their getaway surrounded by mountains — but often shrouded in Beijing’s infamous smog.

Yes, the couple’s three-bedroom weekend home lies on the outskirts of the Chinese capital — thousands of miles away from the original Jackson Hole valley in the U.S. state of Wyoming, which is known for its breathtaking natural beauty.

The Chinese Jackson Hole is more crowded, containing some 1,000 single-family houses inspired by rustic lodges in the American frontier. Still, wealthy locals are lured to this sprawling development by the promise of living in the “Wild West.”

Read the full article here:  Living the American Dream in Jackson Hole, China

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