Friday Fun: Monster Truck Double Backflip 180º

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It’s hard enough to pull off a double backflip on skis or a board.  Maximum Destruction just did it in a monster truck and threw in a 180º for good measure.

This same guy tried a front flip last week and it didn’t go well.

History of the Monster Truck double backflip:

“After George Balhan, driver of Mohawk Warrior, landed two consecutive backflips at the 2012 Monster Jam World Finals, Tom Meents [Maximum Destruction driver] was driven to land the double. After months of preparation at his shop located in Paxton, Illinois, he was to debut this move on June 16, 2012, at the last show of the Monster Jam Path of Destruction tour at Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. After the freestyle portion of the show, with Neil Elliott driving his Maximum Destruction truck, Tom came out in his modified Maximum Destruction stunt truck, built specifically for the double backflip. When Meents hit the jump, his truck completed one rotation, but started to twist in the second rotation then landing on the roof, coming up just short. Tom promised fans immediately after he will attempt the trick in the near future. Then, on Saturday, March 23, 2013, he attempted it again in the encore portion of Monster Jam World Finals 14. It looked like he wouldn’t land it, but the truck landed on the sides of the left side tires, and bounced into a perfect landing. The trick has yet to be landed in competition. Tom attempted the trick again on June 15, 2013, at the Monster Jam Path of Destruction tour at MetLife Stadium. Tom Meents got the rotation fast, There wasn’t much twist. But height wasn’t there and it cost him the landing.” – wikipedia

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