Friday Fun: Whale Hits Paddle Boarder at Ocean Beach, SF Last Week

SwellBrains | | SurfSurf

Skip to 4:37 to get to the Whale-Paddle Boarder interaction

The Grey Whales were coming through San Francisco last week.  You can see them when you’re surfing and it’s very cool.  I was surfing yesterday and dolphins were simply harassing me.

These two guys decided to grab some beers and go paddle boarding right up and in the Grey Whale’s crevasses.  They had an amazing experience and nearly got served.

We do not recommend getting this close to the whales.

My bud and I paddle boarded from Fort Point, San Francisco to Ocean Beach. We had the pleasure to have some beautiful video of Grey whales playing in Kelly’s cove. Watch til the end where there is a whale encounter 🙂 – Mike Lane

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