Friday Fun: “What It’s Like to Fall Down Tuckerman’s Ravine in New Hamphire”

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Here’s a little Friday Funday video for ya.  Although, on close examination, there is a bit more carnage than you’re average funday, it’s still acceptable as we’re pretty sure the guy is unhurt.

We’ve never been out to Tuckerman’s but we’ve heard the stories of mayhem and directly-ontop-of-each-other-ness that Tuck’s has become famous for.  This video displays that side of Tuckerman’s well.

Tuckerman’s Mayhem

The golden moment of the video is when you can hear a guy(s) say:  “Wow, this is getting scary.  I’m not skiing anymore today.”  That kinda says it all.

Tuck’s huck.  photo:  Tim Fater/Powder Magazine

Our friend Ryan Dunfee has just written a piece about the theTuckerman’s Mayhem that you might also enjoy if you’re familiar with the place:  The Gladiator’s of Tuckerman’s


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7 thoughts on “Friday Fun: “What It’s Like to Fall Down Tuckerman’s Ravine in New Hamphire”

  1. The photo just below the video shows the Upper Snowfield, the Lip, and
    the Lower snowfield. I was on the Upper Snowfield and let a guy who was
    in a hurry pass me. I yelled at him that he was traversing sideways wrong
    in ski boots. He ignored me. A few moments later his foot slid out and he
    started sliding. He picked up speed, slid over the Lip, slid the entire length
    of the Lower Snowfield, stopping just 20 feet from rocks at the bottom.

    He laid there motionless , looking dead for five minutes, then got up as if
    nothing had happened.

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