Friday Fun: World’s Tallest Water Slide = 17 Stories Tall, 65 MPH on a 4-Person Raft!

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The name of this enormous water slide is Verrückt, which means crazy in German, and it’s the world’s tallest water slide.  It does seem a bit crazy.  Who funds stuff like this?  We don’t know, but we like them.

Verrückt will be 17 stories tall (taller than Niagra Falls), you’ll be on a 4 person raft, you’ll be going 65 miles per hour, all after climbing 265 stairs.

This slide will be located in Kansas City at a waterpark called schlitterbahn (sled course) and will open in summer 2014.  


The craziest thing is that you won’t be alone.  You’ll be on a raft with 3 other human beings mobbing down the slide at 65 MPH.  What the hell are you all gonna do during that fall together?  Just scream most likely.

“[Verrückt] will attract those adrenaline junkies who are always looking for that next biggest, coolest thrill.” – Layne Pitcher, Kansas City Schlitterbahn’s director of marketing and sales.


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