Fun Fact: Harrison Ford is a Teton County, WY, Volunteer Search and Rescue Helicopter Pilot and Has Saved Lives (In Real Life)

Martin Kuprianowicz |
Did you know that Harrison Ford, 77, is a volunteer search and rescue helicopter pilot in Teton County, Wyoming? Photo courtesy Entertainment Tonight.

Harrison Ford is both a hero on the screen and off the screen. 

The 80-year-old movie star and 800-acre Teton County ranch owner is a volunteer search and rescue helicopter pilot who’s saved stranded hikers on more than one occasion.

With a helicopter, though — not the Millenium Falcon. 

Ford in the driver’s seat of a helicopter. Photo courtesy Boredom Therapy.

In 2000, Ford rescued hiker Sarah George off the 11,106-ft. Table Mountain in Teton County, Wyo., after she was weakened by altitude sickness and dehydration, ABC News reported.

A year later he rescued a 13-year-old boy scout who became stranded in the wilderness

According to Teton County Sheriff Bob Zimmer, Ford’s volunteer efforts saved the county $1,000 an hour, the amount it would have cost to hire a private pilot.

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