VIDEO: ‘Scuba’ Steve and ‘Jerry’ Nail It in 4FRNT’s Box Opening Video Challenge!

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Video Credit: Shawn M. Clark  Actors: Shawn M. Clark and Steve Hill

4FRNT Skis is currently offering a full refund for recently purchased skis once a month to the winner of their ‘Un-boxing Video Contest‘ winner!  We all know 4FRNT makes great skis and here is your chance to receive a pair free of charge after winning their contest.  All you have to do is purchase a pair of skis online from their website and when they are delivered, create the best video of how stoked you are when they arrive, they will select a winning video, and you get a full refund in the mail.

Even if you don’t win the contest, lots of fun can be had making a video!  The worst thing that can happen is that you get to enjoy riding a rad pair of sticks for years to come!

Don’t be afraid to check out more great videos like this one over at 4FRNT’s contest page.

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