60 Percent of RV Campers Say Rising Gas Prices Will Affect Their Plans

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Higher gas prices are putting many off vanlife. Image: pouches.wordpress.com

The Dyrt, the No. 1 app for camping with the most active online camping community, has found that record-high gas prices in the US will affect the plans of more than 60 percent of RV and other vehicle campers in 2022.

The Dyrt surveyed members of its community who said their primary mode of camping is RV, camper van, trailer, overlanding, truck camper or rooftop tent campers, and the majority said they will alter their plans this year due to high gas prices. According to The Dyrt’s 2022 Camping Report, 57 percent of people who tried a new form of camping last year opted for RVs and camper vans, making these the fastest-growing types of camping.

“Camping with RVs and camper vans has increased dramatically in popularity in recent years, more so than any other type of camping. Depending on which part of the country you’re filling up in, and obviously the size of the gas tank, the cost for a fill-up could be $500 or more. That would make a lot of people think twice about their plans. If someone recently bought an RV, they’re not going to just park it all summer. But maybe they’ll save that cross-country roadtrip of a lifetime for 2023.”

– The Dyrt CEO Kevin Long

The most popular solution was simply to camp closer to home — 23.6 percent of respondents said that would be their approach. Following that, 19.7 percent of campers said they will camp the same number of nights but drive to fewer total destinations or do less sightseeing around where they camp. Others plan to camp less this year — 10.3 percent slightly less and 6.9 percent a lot less.

“I had hoped to go on weekend trips around Oregon and Washington at least twice a month or more. I need to cut that back to once a month. Everyone is rethinking plans.”

– The Dyrt user Kelly Ann of Portland, Oregon, who recently purchased a rooftop tent camping rig

“We live in southwest Missouri. We were going to go to the high points of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee. But with gas hovering around $4-something a gallon, we ended up going on a little backpacking trip 20 miles south of here in Busiek State Forest.”

– The Dyrt user Grant Maledy, who owns a camping trailer

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