Gear Review: 2020 K2 Mindbenders 99TI

Kyle Mercier | | Gear ReviewGear Review
Credit: K2

2020 K2 Mindbenders 99TI:

  • Lengths: 170cm, 177cm, 184cm, 191cm
  • Rocker: All-Terrain Rocker
  • Stiffness: 8 out of 10 stiff
  • Weight per Ski: 4lb 4oz [170cm] | 4lb 9.5oz [177cm] | 4lb 15oz [184cm] | 5lb 2oz [191cm]
  • Dimensions: 138 / 99 / 123mm
  • Sidecut Radius: 18.5m [184cm],
  • Construction: Titanal Y-Beam | Maple and Aspen Core
  • Factory Recommended Mount Point: -11 cm from center

Reviewer Stats:

  • Name:  Kyle Mercier
  • Days skied on 2020 K2 Mindbender 99ti 177cm length:  21
  • Height: 5’8″
  • Weight: 165lbs
  • Skiing Level: Advanced
  • Ski Length Tested: 177cm
  • Boots/Bindings Used: Fisher Ranger 120 | Marker Griffin 13 ID
  • Preferred Snow/Terrain: Powder/Steep/Trees

Locations Tested:

  • Snowbird, UT
  • Alta, UT
  • Park City, UT
  • Deer Valley, UT

Who This Ski Is For:

  • Advanced to expert skiers who are looking for speed, stability, control in an all-mountain ski.

Overall Impression:

I give this ski a 7 out of 10.

This is a stiff, controllable, peppy ski.

The 2020 K2 Mindbender 99ti is made to charge, go fast, send airs, stomp landings, and be stable while doing them all. 

For advanced/expert skiers.

Faster speeds = more stable with this ski.

This ski is powerful. It is a bit heavier for its class of ski but with that, it makes charging through chunk and some heavy powder a breeze.

This ski excels in the steeper, technical, powdery terrain of Utah. 

This ski is made to charge, float, fly, carve and stomp landings and that’s exactly what it does. 

It’s very stable at speed, almost feels like a GS ski on groomers, and can slash through moguls like nothing.

Credit: K2


  • Powerful
  • Stable
  • Nimble
  • Great for landing airs
  • Great for high speed
  • More stable at higher speeds


  • Very Stiff
  • Heavy for its class 


Charges very well through windblown drifts.

The floatiness of this ski at speed is remarkable for a 99 underfoot ski.

This ski provides a very stable platform to stomps airs with ease. 

The ski is playful in the deep stuff. 


This ski is GREAT  in crud (chopped up powder).

This ski is heavier than many skis this size and the heavyweight allows the ski to charge amazingly in crud.

If you ski crud this is the ski for you.

If you do ski crud, just know your limits as these are heavier skis and they could get away from you at speed.


These skis excel on groomers.

They hold an edge very well, carry speed, and are able to shut down speed quickly.

Turning these skis into a turn is very smooth.

It’s very easy to go fast on these but with the ease of the turn in, they can be a bit squirrely at speed if you are not a strong skier. 


This is a great ski for moguls every once in a while.

It does very well but with the weight of the ski, it can be a challenge once you have been shredding all day.


This is a very nimble ski.

I found right when I hopped on these skis they turn in especially quickly at slower speeds.

I can trust these skis to turn sharply around obstacles in the more crowded tree sections.


This ski is stiff and built to charge and be stable at high speed.

I’d say this ski is 9 out of 10 stiffness.

The tip is the softest part — then the ski quickly gets stiffer and stays stiff right until the end of the ski.

Credit: K2



The tail rocker is stiff. The tail rocker is very stiff which makes this ski turn quick in some crud and on groomers.

The tip rocker feels great and allows the ski to float in the deeper stuff. 


4lb 9.5oz for the 177cm.

This ski is heavier for its size and you can tell.

Despite being heavy, it is still playful when you get into soft powder.

In general, I like a heavier ski when skiing inbounds as it allows me to turn harder and charge through the crud that you find on a normal day of skiing. 


I normally ski on 180cm skis or thereabouts.

For my size and weight, the 177s worked perfectly.

I found that these ski pretty short so pushing up to the 184s is doable, I just feel I would be too tired by midday to keep going hard.

To me, this ski shines for its size as a 177cm.

Turns very quickly and keeps the stability at speed. 


  • T-Beam (K2’s new technology)
  • Powerwall (edge to edge performance and power)
  • Maple and Aspen Wood Core
  • All-Terrain rocker


I always like my skis mounted more towards the middle of the ski. 

This is one of the skis I would not do that. 

The factory mount is very ideal and adequate for exactly what the ski is made for.

Credit: K2

Bottom Line:

This is the go-to ski for any day on the slopes. 

I give this ski a 7 out of 10. 

I give it a 7 because it is heavy for its class and I think it could be better in powder. 

It does get a bit squirrely at high speeds. 

At slower, more technical turns, this ski excels. 

In crud, this ski may be the best out there.

Very good on firmer groomers or trees.

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