Gearing Up For Winter: Avalanche Safety Training

Lindsay Hayden | | AvalancheAvalanche
The AAA keeping the backcountry safe
Safety always comes first for the American Avalanche Association. Photo courtesy of American Avalanche Association.

As winter approaches most of us are dreaming of fluffy pow pillows, backcountry couloirs, and shot skis galore, but I bet the one thing that hasn’t been at the forefront of your thoughts is signing up for an avalanche safety class.

For a long time, I thought that avalanche safety tips from my trusted lifties would be enough. However, with boundaries being pushed further and further and the search for the most extreme terrain raging on, I now realize that the old spit trick and a tuck and roll are not even remotely adequate pieces of avalanche safety information. And it’s probably time that you review your avalanche safety knowledge too…

Safety done by the AAA
Take a class and get prepared with the American Avalanche Association. Photo courtesy of Brett Menter/American Avalanche Association.

So my advice to you is, don’t be stupid, don’t feel silly for being prepared, and don’t think an avalanche won’t happen to you because let’s face it…What skier doesn’t want to push the boundaries, rip into the best snow, and shred the gnarliest line. Our beloved sport comes with lots of risk, over-the-top bad-assery, and a license to craziness; however, don’t let your cool factor get in the way of your common sense! To get you prepared for your best winter yet, check out the American Avalanche Association’s website to find a avalanche safety class near you.

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