Get Blown Away By This List Of The 7 Windiest Places On Earth

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Huge waves generated by powerful winds! PC: McManus

According to a list generated by Environmental Experts, the seven windiest places on Earth will truly blow you away from the sheer force of nature. Wind can change a lot in every situation, it can blow with you or against you, it can carry warm and cool air, it can threaten your life or it can fuel your favorite sport, but no matter what, its truly incredible. This list may catch you by surprise, but altitude definitely plays a factor in the force of the wind.

The 7 Windiest Places On Earth:

#1: Mount Everest

Mount Everest! PC: RMI Guides

Location: The highest point on the planet

Cause of the Wind: Fast-moving jet streams

Force: 10

It’s no surprise that the highest point on earth has some nasty winds, but it is possible to catch a calm day on the mountain.

#2: Mount Washington

Mount Washington! PC: APS

Location: New Hampshire

Cause of the Wind: Unpredictable weather

Force: 10

This is where one of the strongest winds in history was recorded. The 231 mph wind speed that was recorded on Mount Washington held the record from 1934 until 2010, when a 253.5 mph wind speed was recorded on Barrow Island in Australia.

#3: Gruissan

Gruissan! PC: Goelia

Location: Aude, Southern France

Cause of the Wind: Open water and pressure changes

Force: 7

This area is the home of the Defi Wind, which is a premier surfing competition that provides some gnarly waves.

#4: Pistol River

Wind Surfing! PC: Wind Surf Oregon

Location: Oregon

Cause of the Winds: Erratic weather

Force: 7

Pistol River is in Curry County, Oregon, and is a top spot for windsurfers looking for large waves and plenty of wind to fuel their adrenaline.

#5: Patagonia

Patagonia Winds! PC: Adam Colton

Location: End of South America

Cause of the Wind: Roaring Forties

Force: 9

The Roaring Forties are strong westerly winds found in the Southern Hemisphere, generally between the latitudes of 40 and 50 degrees.

#6: Antarctica

Antarctica Winds: PC: Antarctic Sun

Location: South Pole

Cause of the Wind: Freezing katabatic winds

Force: 10

Katabatic wind is the generic term for downslope winds flowing from high elevations of mountains, plateaus, and hills down their slopes to the valleys or planes below.

#7: Tornado Alley

Caught in Tornado Alley! PC: National Geographic

Location: Central United States

Cause of the Winds: Destructive Tornadoes

Force: 1o

The baron grounds of the United States where tornadoes are most common.


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