Get Ready for this Year’s Pain McShlonkey Event at Palisades Tahoe, CA

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PMS event flyer
Event details, image: Shane McConkey Foundation Facebook

Reason for the celebration

On March 26th, 2009, the world said goodbye to a man who left behind a legacy untouched by any other in the ski industry. Shane McConkey altered the trajectory of the ski world forever by conquering the seemingly impossible and bringing new light and joy into the industry. Shane’s legacy and legendary stamp in the heart of the ski world continue to inspire people to live their life playfully and without fear. To mark the passing of this man beloved by so many, the Shane McConkey Foundation declared March 26th International Snowblade Day.

In true Shane McConkey spirit, this day honors his remarkable ability not to take life too seriously. Snowblades, also known as mini skis, are a part of Shane McConkey’s legacy. Truly embracing his talent to goof off, Shane created an alter ego, “Saucer Boy.” As Saucer Boy, he would sport wild, colorful clothes with his snowblades and carry a bottle of Jack Daniels with his circular sled (his saucer). 

saucer boy, aka shane mcconkey
Shane’s alter ego “Saucer Boy,” image: Shane McConkey Foundation Facebook

The Event

The Shane McConkey Foundation is throwing the Pain McShlonkey (PMS) bash at Palisades Tahoe, CA to celebrate Shane and International Snowblade day. The event kicks off at 8:00 AM with the “Hot Dog Downhill Race,” where some of the best pro snow athletes will race 30 amateurs in a snowblading race. In the most ridiculous costumes, the athletes will start at the top of the KT-22 lift and compete in an “anything goes” race to the finish at Palisades Tahoe GS Bowl.

After the race, athletes and spectators will head to the Bar One Deck for food, drinks, entertainment, and swag. 

pms event photo
Fun had at past PMS events, image: Shane McConkey Foundation Facebook

Leading up to the event

Sherry McConkey, Shane’s widow and vision behind the event, said, “we encourage everyone to snowblade all of March; send in pictures or videos doing something fantastic on Snowblades. Winners [from the photo contest] will be announced on March 25th at Palisades at Tahoe at our live-streamed event, where we will have the PMS and International Snowblade day.” To enter the photo competition, take wacky pictures throughout March sporting your favorite pair of snowblades and post them to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #SnowBladeDay.

saucer boy
Snowblade photo inspiration, image: Shane McConkey Foundation Facebook

How to be a part of this celebration

The first 60 crowd funders to raise $100+ will be entered to race in the Hot Dog Downhill! PLUS, the crowd funder who raises the most donations will win a very special prize! Registration for the event is open; additionally, anyone is welcome to come to participate as a spectator. 

Can’t make it out to California for the bash? No worries, the event will be live-streamed so you can celebrate Shane and International Snowblade Day from the comfort of your hometown. Check out the 2022 video to get inspired. 

shane mcconkey goofing off
Never a dull moment, image: Shane McConkey Foundation Facebook

Where is your money going?

“The Cycle of Awesomeness.” Since 2013 the Shane McConkey EcoChallenge has inspired kids to identify and resolve an eco-challenge in their school or community. The kids compete by creating an innovative solution, and the winners are awarded a cash prize to donate to their school or a nonprofit organization of their choosing.

shane mcconkey
The man who inspired this event, image: Shane McConkey Foundation Facebook

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