“How Do You Get Ready for Winter?” – Jackson Hole

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Jackson Hole is asking us what we do to get ready for winter.  Well, what do you do?

Squats?  Lunges?  Plyometrics?  Trail Running?  Abs?  Swimming?  Mountain Biking?  Olympic Lifts?  Cleans?  Jerks?  Pull Ups?  What?

Personally, I do plyometrics, abs, run, and surf.  The plyometrics likely go the furthest, but the running helps with cardio and abs are always good.  The surfing likely does nothing for skiing, but it’s just too much fun and fall is the one of the best times of year to surf in Northern California.

Whatever it is you do, it’s time to do it.  Winter is coming.

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2 thoughts on ““How Do You Get Ready for Winter?” – Jackson Hole

  1. i pull some tubes of nice lambs bread @ 7am then either go to the stinky stinky 24hr fitness for weights or ride the mtb bike down to the ocean and back, no glory but kind of fun for kicks

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