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Pretty Faces is an all girl ski movie lead by Jackson Hole’s Lyndsey Dyer.  It’s all girls, all the time.  They go to some amazing places and ski some great lines.  It appears that this movie will change the way we think about girls and skiing forever.

We know, you’ve been holding your breath. Here it is. Unicorn Picnic presents the Pretty Faces trailer….turns out it does exist.

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FEATURING: Rachael Burks / Lynsey Dyer / Ingrid Backstrom / Elyse Saugstad / Angel Collinson / Nadia Samer / Lexi Dupont / Louise Lintilhac / Jacqui Edgerly / Suzanne Graham / Tatum Monod / Izzy Lynch / Leah Evans / Kristen Ulmer / Wendy Fisher
Devin Logan, Claire Smallwood, Pip Hunt, Hadley Hammer, Katie Rowenkamp, Paige Fitzgerald, Rebecca Selig, Amie Engerbretson, Crystal Wright, Mckenna Peterson, Ane Enderund, Sydney Dickinson, Nicole Yavis, 
Cristy Watson, Eva Walkner, Kellie Okonek, Hilaree O’neill, Jess Mcmillan, Dania Assaly, Jamie Crane-mauzy, Brita Sigourny, Julia Krass, Kimmy Sharp, Carly Davis, Kim Havell, Molly Baker, AJ Cargill, Marja Persson, Andrea Binning, Langley Mcneal, Sophia Schwartz, Brooke Edwards, Sophie Pearson, Hannah Lutzker, Karen Girouard, Kit DesLauriers, Meghan Kelly, Cheryl Hickey, & many more!

Shot on location: Alyeska * Jackson Hole * Retallack * Eagle Pass * Revelstoke * Mike Wiegele Heli Skiing * Utah * Whistler * Baker * East Coast – “Pretty Faces”

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5 thoughts on “All Girl Ski Movie = “Pretty Faces” | Movie Trailer:

  1. This movie is going to inspire a new generation of young girls to get ripping in the mountains. I’ve been passing more ladies in the back country then ever now a days… and the ones I’m touring with kick my ass going up …hardcore.

    Looking good ladies.

    1. Mapei, “Don’t Wait”.

      There’s a pretty faces trailer playlist on Spotify, just found it. Enjoy!

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