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Most of us wont ever be able to ski as well as Tanner Hall, but watching him ski from his vantage point can be just as exciting. GoPro presents its latest video, Tanner Hall Ski Diaries as we watch Hall attack the famous backcountry of British Columbia.

As viewers watch this video segment from the view of Hall’s GoPro helmet cam, they will find themselves trying to guess, every split second, where he will take his next line. Yet you’ll find yourself realizing, that you have no idea which way he is going, no matter how many times you watch it. What looks like an area he should avoid, turns out to be his perfect line.

Tanner Hall trying for his 3rd attempt in 22 days to hit the pillow line in the BC backcountry.

Half way through the video you start to see why they say “don’t try this at home”. Hall tries to ride over a pillow line not being able to successfully ride it until his third attempt. The catch? This is in a span of 22 days! This is one of those videos that not only will have us as viewers appreciate even more what professional riders can do on the mountain, but also humble us that maybe we can’t do everything we see them do.

Hall finds himself stuck on the steep face forgetting where his line is at.

The last segment of the video, we see even the best riders are human. Hall finds himself on a steep face, not exactly sure where he is and which way to attack. “Most scared I’ve ever been in my life” he says as he mentions turning off his GoPro fearing he might not make it down alive. “Didn’t want to give back the footage to my parents”, as he explains his reasoning for shutting off his camera. Yet even if they’re still human, there’s a reason they get paid to ride, Hall soon finds a line and rides down the steep face making it to the bottom screaming out in joy as he looks back up at what he had just skied down. Tanner, I know the feeling.



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