Government to Install Snowmaking @ Gulmarg, India

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gulmarg ski resort
Gulmarg gondola

Gulmarg (translates to “meadow of flowers”) is a bizarre ski resort in India’s Kashmir region.  Bizarre because the ski resort is basically one huge gondola to takes skiers and riders from 8,530 feet to 12,293 feet and that’s it.  No rules, no ropes, no nothing.  It’s Euro-style.  You get out of the gondola and you’re on your own.

The government runs Gulmarg for military purposes and they’re now recognizing the value in making Gulmarg into a legit ski area.

“There is a defined skiing season in Europe. Our ski season depends on environmental conditions. With the help of these machines we can ensure that our ski season starts on November 15 or December 1.” – Talat Parvez, Director Tourism in Kashmir

gulmarg ski resort
Gulmarg sidecountry is badass.

Talat Parvez, Director Tourism in Kashmir, explained to local Indian press outlets that he hopes to have snowmaking equipment at Gulmarg by the end of this season.  This would enable snowmaking for the 2014/15 winter ski season.  The snowmaking system at Gulmarg is reported to involve both mobile and fixed snowguns.

“We will have to do some civil work to level the slopes so that the snow layer can easily be created. The snow machines will only try to supplement till there is a natural snowfall. We want to lure as many as tourists to Gulmarg in the lean months of November and December as possible. And snow machines will go a long way in helping us in our endeavour.” – Talat Parvez.

Gulmarg trail map

Ski season doesn’t generally begin in Gulmarg until January.  If this snowmaking system is created, Gulmarg could open for the season as early as November next season.

gulmarg avalanche
a MONSTER Gulmarg avalanche. photo:
monkeys skiing
and there are monkeys in the trees..  photo:  yves garneu

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