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We know that we’re all curious about how this government shutdown is affecting our national park. We understand that they are closed, but can we still go into them are enjoy our land, our parks, our rights?  That answer appears to be decided ‘NO’.

The saddest thing is that even Grand Canyon permit holders (for rafting the Colorado River) are being turned away…


How the Shutdown Affects National Parks

Grand Canyon permit holders turned away

Yosemite National Park turns 123 today, but it won’t be open for its own birthday.

Since the federal government partially shut down at 12:01 a.m., Yosemite is one of the more than 50 National Parks that will remain closed until Congress passes a new federal budget.

According the Park Service’s contingency plan for this situation, those trying to enter any place administered by the NPS will meet locked gates and closed entrances.

Even those with special permits, which often require years of planning are being denied access to NPS lands. If you’ve planned a scenic wedding in Yellowstone, you’ll have to wait because special-use permits have been revoked.

Tiffany Burson, from New Hampshire, with a group of 16 other rafters were expecting to start a 20-day trip down the Grand Canyon on Wednesday. They should have been rigging their boats today, but the group was forced to camp in the parking lot of the Marble Canyon Lodge as park rangers and law enforcement officials have blocked the entrance to Lee’s Ferry, where rafters put-in. The group had first applied for the permit to raft the canyon in 1995. Burson says that her family has paid $12,000, scheduled time off from work, and took her kids out of college for this trip.

“What’s frustrating is that we were given a permit, and they’re not honoring it,” Burson said. “I didn’t come to the Grand Canyon just to look at it.” – /Outside Magazine

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How the Shutdown Affects National Parks

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8 thoughts on ““How the Government Shutdown Affects Our National Parks” – Outside Magazine

  1. So if there are no rangers working, there will be nobody to stop you from sneaking/breaking into the park, right?

    1. If only that were true!!

      Why do I need a babysitter to step out of my car and look at the grand Canyon?
      Why do you need Federal agents keeping track of you to float down the Colorado River . Just think about how absurd this is.

      Ok no Federally cleaned Toilets, No touchy feely Tours.
      SO WHAT.

      Kinda looks like the Federal employee’s think they own the whole thing.

  2. So this means all the politicians who caused the shutdown don’t get paid until they figure it out like the national park employees, right?

  3. The House voted yesterday (10/1) to fund the NPS, they didn’t get the necessary 2/3rd vote. Hopefully they can get it done today and send it to the Senate to get it done…then it’s all on Harry Reid… Call your Senator and Rep… These clowns in DC are such Bozo’s

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