Granby Police Release Details of Investigation of Fatal Lift Accident @ Ski Granby Ranch

Sergei Poljak |
Ski Granby Ranch.  image:  ski granby ranch
Ski Granby Ranch. image: ski granby ranch

On Dec. 28th, a mother was killed and her two children injured after they fell 25 feet from the Quickdraw high speed quad at Ski Granby Ranch. At the time, the cause of the accident was undetermined and there were few details available.

The Granby Police has conducted an investigation and have determined that the electronic drive system in the lift had issues that contributed to a sudden movement, throwing the family off of the chair. They concluded the following:

“Granby Police personnel did witness and document a series of tests conducted by engineers of the Passenger Tramway Safety Board involving the Quick Draw ski lift. Engineers were able to identify issues within the lift electrical drive/control system that contributed to a rare dynamic event that occurred on the lift at the time of the incident.”

The engineers also tested the diesel prime mover and concluded that it is safe for operating. The lift resumed operation today.

There have been 1.7 billion chair rides since the last Colorado Chair death in 2002. That makes your chances of dying in this way less than 1 in a billion, significantly less than getting struck by lightning.

Ski Granby Ranch
Ski Granby Ranch

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