Grand Targhee Conditions: Sleeper Pow Day

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grand targhee sleeper pow
Hollywood style under the Sacajawea lift.

March in the Tetons is awesome. Every day is a sleeper pow day.

The other day, the Bridger-Teton Avalanche Center forecast read: “The relentless succession of storm cycles that began in early October continues.”

That seems about right.

grand targhee sleeper pow
Pillow land.

The snowpack has started to stabilize, the roads are less sketchy, and best of all, the powder fever has cooled off. Grand Targhee still gets hammered with massive storms, but all the holiday weekends have passed and some people have already given up and taken off for the desert.

This week the wind was howling and DC was on hold all day Wednesday. There still weren’t any lines at Sacajawea.

grand targhee sleeper pow
Walking for turns. Cred: Cy Whitling

The day started with a quick walk up the hill and a little cliff huck into super soft snow. The surface had just a whisper of zipper crust from the warming temps but it wasn’t enough to be grabby.

The lift line had already been chopped up by the time I moseyed down it at 1 p.m. but turns were still soft. The pillows hiding in north-facing trees were money.

grand targhee sleeper pow
It was a lazy, beer drinking kind of pow day.

The day consisted of adult beverage consumption, watching ski patrollers hot dog under the lift, a good amount of heckling, and generally luxuriating in the always-chill vibe of the Ghee.

grand targhee sleeper pow
This move is called the “oh shit that cornice was bigger than I expected”. Cred: Cy Whitling

While the top of Fred’s Mountain got wind-scoured, the lower runs on DC will be awesome when it reopens.

grand targhee sleeper pow
Oh Targhee, such a delight.

It’s called Miracle March for a reason.

targhee report

targhee forecast
OK, so the forecast says rain…but that often magically turns into snow at Targhee.

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