Grand Targhee Resort, WY; Happy Trails To Winter 20/21

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Sending like it’s the season’s final day. Image: Powder Day Photography

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Report from closing weekend, 10-11th April 2021

The Tetons are still twangin’ from Targhee’s zesty closing weekend. It’s an occasion that’s been called unforgettable, yet to truly attend might mean difficulty in remembering.

Picture a socially distanced car park that looked to be a combination bell-bottomed, big-haired blast backward in time and a springtime fancy dress fricassee. The sequins, glitter, and fluoro-print onesies were probably visible from the moon.

Rep-ing ‘the Vibe’ in a very proactive way. Image: P.M.Fadden

Cool breeze kept the place from morphing into a complete tanning lotion funhouse but did little to dim the bright spirit of the Grand Targhee faithful, who’ve staunchly shredded from the season’s first chair to its final. There were more than a few memorable moments, spanning banger comps, surprise POW days, summit breakfasts, and old friends found in high places.

Signed, Sealed, and Season-delivered. image: P.M.Fadden

Said one Targheezer stylishly arrayed as a Shaolin Monk, “I’m going sailing right after this, but the Vibe is coming aboard.” In his own garrulous way, that guy said it all: character, kindness, and kook at a ski area that’s far from hidden yet somehow still down-home.

Look for Grand Targhee to next get rolling on another of its big draws; Bike Park gears up pretty soon.

Generation Next; scoping lines for ’21/22. image: P.M.Fadden
Still plenty of options on the off-piste beat. image: P.M.Fadden
The Grand sees-out another season at the ‘Ghee. image: P.M.Fadden

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