Grand Targhee Resort, WY Report: Cold Fast Fun w/Afternoon Sun

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Warp speed to Targhee! Photo: Boomer

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Report from January 22-24th, 2022

For a good and speedy ski party, head straight for the Teton Mountains and Grand Targhee Resort.

Thanks to a recent and on-going inversion spell, mornings are brisk, afternoons offer a brief splash of sun, and evenings are spent inside a cloud which, generally, leaves everything pretty frosty.

Upside-down cloud layer cake in the Tetons and at Grand Targhee. Photo: P.M.Fadden

‘Variable’ is the action word of the last few days, and those’ve been highlighted by ripper-fast groomers (especially pre-noon hour). But also be assured, there’s certainly a variety of mischief to be enjoyed over the course of a full ski-day at Targhee.

Treasures await the Explorer at the edges of Targhee. Photo: P.M.Fadden

Super light dustings overnight, and the previously mentioned frosts, have softened the edges to what is a bit of a hardpack situation–that is, until afternoon hits. For a slim, sensational few hours, when the sun cruises around to hit just the right angle, those outstanding facets of Grand Targhee Resort light up like joy incarnate.

From approximately 1 til 3:30, the surface of the snowpack reaches just the right degree of chalky-ness and before you know it, you’re leaning-in to everything–across any type of terrain–and there’s a great big grin stretched-out between your ears.

Thumbs-up for any day sliding down the Tetons. Photo: P.M.Fadden

These are also excellent days to explore routes a bit farther afield; there’s bound to be good fun to be found, and the views will be even better still.

Pack an extra layer for the AM, a barley-pop beverage for after; and prepare for another fun day of skiing as only Grand Targhee Resort can deliver. 


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